All About Photo Techniques

Photography doesn't only mean fixing a precise image at one time. To photograph is to immortalise in all its splendour a unique moment; hence the need to take every measure to get the ideal photo. Photography has always been an art. However, for a long time, only very high-skilled professionals could afford some "frivolities".

Thanks to continuing technological advances, it is now easier to gain useful knowledge and take excellent photos, whatever the circumstances. Using popular photo sites, photography can be discovered in all its aspects. What are the specifics of low light photography? What are the particulars of high-speed photography? How to choose the equipment?

Photography Techniques

4 Mar 2020

With the advent of sophisticated mobile phones, everybody can become a photographer within minutes. However, there is no substitute for learning the correct techniques to get that perfect shot. And for those who have more than a passing interest in the subject, getting the right equipment should be top of the list.

Using Your iPhone to Snap Pics Like a Pro

6 Feb 2020

Thanks to recent advances in digital technology, even amateur photographers can capture stunning images. By employing a handful of very simple techniques, you can use your iPhone to snap spectacular pictures that will look as though they were taken by a professional.

London Photography of the 60s

14 Jan 2020

The 60s were a critical time for the advancement of photography as an art form in London. New fashions and techniques were developed during the decade. Photographers and their models would often become famous to the point of being recognised as icons. Today their work is still very influential.