How to edit photos on your phone

Remember those over-exposed pics we used to upload from our digital cameras, or those photos we took at night, with blurry lights and silhouettes? As technology keeps improving,, we’re seeing less and less of them; not only are mobile phone cameras becoming more sophisticated, but people can also edit their photos directly on their mobile phone before uploading.

Photo editing software for mobile phones

There’s a variety of apps you can download on both iOS and Android phones these days in order to make you and your photos look prettier! Your phone camera will probably already come with basic editing features such as the option to crop photos and to adjust the brightness, as well as some other special effects. These alone can be enough to make an overexposed photo more instagrammable, or to cut out that annoying tourist craning her neck behind you!

If you’re a pro or you’d simply like to experiment further, you can download photo editing apps with more sophisticated features. Just like you would download an online casino app or other games (click here for more details on this), simply type ‘photo editor’ in PlayStore or Apple ‘s App Store, and you’ll find several options. Before downloading, you can view a couple of reviews to get an idea of how satisfied other users are with the app, or simply download well-known apps like Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop Express which you can also use for free.

You don’t need to be a genius to learn how to use these apps and upload professional looking photos. Play around with the features and you’ll get the hang of the best ones in no time. It’s amazing what a few editing touches can do to a photo, and soon enough, you’ll start getting many more likes or followers on social media!

1 Apr 2020